Roles and Permissions for Team Members

Every member of ContentStudio platform has a role,each with its own level of permissions and access. Following are the different types of roles:

  1. Super Administrator/Owner
  2. Administrator
  3. Collaborator

Super Administrator/Owner:

This role has least restrictions, a super administrator/owner has access to view all the platform as well as the platforms added by the members under his/her supervision. Super administrator/Owner can manage members, social accounts, blogs, and maintenance tasks or functions. 

Supreme Authorities of Super Administrator:

Our system allows Super Administrator to have the maximum rights reserved to allow or disallow any collaborator for any reason at any time.

Following are the rights a Super Admin has over Collaborator 
  • Allow adding blogs

  • Allow adding sources
  • Allow adding topics

  • Mark all posts as Under Review
  • Allow rescheduling queue

A Collaborator cannot perform these above actions until or unless allowed by administrator or super administrator.

  • It's possible for administrator and super administrator to allow access to collaborators on selective social channels of their own will, as shown in the image below.

Following are the rights a Super Administrator has over Administrator

  • A Super Administrator can disable Administrator's account any time he/she wants.
  • Administrator cannot have Plan Page Access to any of his/her fellow admins and team members.


The administrator can view all the platforms as well as the ones set by his/her super administrator or by another administrator.

  • Administrator can only not have the Plan Page Access, only a Super Administrator can have access to that.
  • Rest of all the accesses are pretty much same as Super Administrator.
  • Administrator can allow or disallow any action to Collaborator any time he/she wants. 


A collaborator can see all of his own platforms as well as all those platforms which are allowed by super administrator/administrator. 
  • A collaborator cannot add team members he/she can view team members only if allowed by the Super Administrator.
  • He/She cannot change URL shorteners but can use them as set by the Super Administrator or Administrator.

Below is a breakdown table for all the actions a Collaborator can perform IF ALLOWED BY SUPER ADMINISTRATOR.

Role Owner Administrator Collaborator
Plan Page Access

Can Add Team Members  
Can View Team Members
Spinner Access 
Can change URL Shortener 
Pocket Settings Allowed
Can Edit Social Accounts 
Can View Social Accounts 
Can Add Social Accounts/Blogs 
Can Add Sources 

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