How to refresh your LinkedIn access token

Well, it often happens when you see your LinkedIn token get expired after 60 days and it notifies you right on the top of your dashboard.

To reauthorize your account, you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1 Go to Social Accounts

From your dashboard, go to Settings > Social Accounts

Step 2 Click LinkedIn Tab

On the main page of your social accounts, you will be shown up with all your social accounts, Click LinkedIn.

Step 3 Reconnect your LinkedIn

Once you see your LinkedIn profile already added beneath, you need to click Reconnect to avoid expired token error going forward.

The moment you click that button, you will be redirected to reauthorize your account. Once done, the pop up on the top will disappear and will no longer appear until you get LinkedIn token expired next time around.

If you don't get your LinkedIn account reconnect after being notified, your all posts will seem to get failed for the same reason.

Linkedin only issue the access token with the 60 days expiry, if you'd like to know more about it from their official API:

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