How to add UTM parameters

UTM  is a shortcode, through which you can track the effectiveness and performance of your campaign and your links in Google Analytics. You are also able to identify the medium through which you are generating more traffic or leads.

ContentStudio allows you to add UTM tags to the links which you want to share on different social media channels, so you can get to know the audience's engagement towards your website.

Here are some instructions which you need to follow to track the performance of your campaign on different social media channels.

Go to Settings, Click on Miscellaneous from the drop-down list.

Going ahead, you’ll see the UTM Tracking on the left side of the screen. Click on the Add UTM.

A pop-up will appear which consists of three variables.
  • Campaign Name: Contains campaign name which you have created already to track the performance of it.
  • Campaign Medium: It is based on the medium which you want to select for presenting your campaign or product to the audience such as email, newsletter, social and etc.
  • Campaign Source: You need to identify the source like Facebook, Twitter, etc. which shows you that from which source you are receiving more traffic or leads.
Adding these parameters to your website, you can easily track the lead and traffic which is generated through social media channels.


After adding the UTM parameter into the field. Click on  Save button and your UTM parameters have been added.

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