How to connect Tumblr Account

Below steps will guide you to how to connect Tumblr profiles with the ContentStudio platform for your social scheduling.

Step 1Go to social accounts

Starting off, navigate to the right top corner to get into  Settings > Social accounts.

Step 2Connect Tumblr

Moving forward, on the social accounts page, you need to locate Tumblr and click Connect a new Profile at the top right corner.

Step 3Enter your credentials

From here on, you will have to enter your accounts details, username and password to log yourself into your Tumblr account.

Step 4Give permissions

Moving forward, after clicking connect icon and entering the account details, you will go through to the authorization process, you need to click ' Allow' to proceed with the connection.

Step 5Verify

In the last step, please make sure that your Tumblr Profile is successfully connected, as illustrated in the below image

You can also add multiple Tumblr profiles successfully by following the same above steps. 

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