How to connect different accounts from same social network?

It is quite often that you have multiple accounts for your social network, it could be your personal accounts or your client accounts for which you are managing the social media. 

Following the steps below, you can connect different accounts for the same social network.


Facebook has a very clean way which allows you to easily switch between multiple accounts. Follow these steps to connect your multiple social accounts

To switch your Facebook account, you will see the icon shown in the below

Click on the button, and it will ask you which account you would like to use. After clicking on the profile image, you will be logged into that profile.
Once done, now try connecting your account from ContentStudio Platform.

Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest

Unlike Facebook; Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest lack the functionality for the multiple accounts. In order to connect different social accounts, you will have to log out from your account in these platforms and log in with your second account.

Once done, you can follow the process of connecting your social account by going to Settings > Social Accounts in ContentStudio.

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