Why is my website logo being shown for shared Replug Links

If you are sharing content to your social media channels and your shared content is showing website logo/thumbnail, you need to follow the following steps

Visit your website.
Once the web page has been opened. Right-click and select the "View Page Source" option or press hotkeys (CTRL + U for Windows OS).
After that, you need to find the graph tag. Search for "og: image" in your web page source, most likely it will not be present on your website.
If that is the case, you need to install the Open Graph WordPress plugin. You can download it from here.
Once you have installed the plugin, try sharing content to your social media channels.
That's it. Now onwards, your social shared content will be having the featured images.
Despite trying everything, if you are still facing this issue, please reach us out through our support channel and we will help you out.
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