What is ContentStudio


It is one of the most powerful social media marketing tools for Social Media Marketers, business entities, and Bloggers. It helps them boost their marketing activities by curating content, automating their social campaigns and managing their brands. 

ContentStudio comes with tremendous features that help marketers in various ways. Using AI technology, ContentStudio brings the most popular content from all over the world and facilitates you to use its smart features and gain more social engagement towards your marketing campaigns.

Let's have a look at the core features of ContentStudio. 


Discovery is the most fascinating feature in ContentStudio where you can find the most trending articles, posts, and news from multiple web domains and distribute the content on your social channels. 

ContentStudio allows you to create custom topics under your own terms and conditions. It gives you the ability to curate content from your custom sources by adding RSS feed URLs, custom domains, and keywords etc. 

You can identify the most trending content having the most social standing on the web.


Another appealing feature of ContentStudio is Automation. This feature is helpful for the marketers to create custom campaigns using fancy filters according to the content necessities so that they can interact with the audience in a better way. ContentStudio presents you five recipes, for creating campaigns the way you desire.


There is another captivating feature named as Composer which helps you in composing social posts, articles, and blogs. ContentStudio presents two options in the composer.
  1.  Composing a Social Post.
  2.  Composing a Blog post.
You can utilize these options for scheduling and publishing the content. You can also write a tailored message which is specific to your social media channels instead of sharing similar content on all of your social channels.


Within the Planner, you can overview all the social marketing activities that you have planned using the application. You can control and manage the posts which you have scheduled for / published on your social accounts. You are also authorized to review the posts which are located under the review section.  

You can easily track the due dates of the post. It gives you the ability to establish a weekly, monthly, or yearly work plan and coordinate with team members to create a new plan.

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