Pricing and plans

ContentStudio offers multiple plans for all size of businesses. Below is a brief overview through which you can examine which plan suits you more.

Pro plan

This plan is for the solo marketer to share content on any 10 of their social accounts, creates 1 workspace, builds up 10 automated campaigns, writes a single blog, and schedules unlimited posts and blogs.

Business and Agency

Contentstudio provides you with three more business categories. It includes:


It is the initial stage of the business. For this Business, ContentStudio allows them to share the content on 25 social accounts, creates 5 workspaces, writes 10 blogs and add up 5 team members to manage the campaigns more effectively. They can create unlimited automated campaigns for their product.


It is a growing stage of the business, in which you can add 10 team members for managing and controlling the shared content on 50 social accounts. You can also write 20 blogs, create 10 workspaces, and create unlimited automated campaigns. ContentStudio allows you to add unlimited custom topic feeds from where you can fetch the data.


In this stage Entrepreneurs are more focused on expanding their business, in which they can add  20 team members, sharing the content on 150 social accounts. They also have the ability to compose 50 blogs on multiple social channels, create 20 workspaces, and create unlimited automated campaigns. They are able to add the unlimited custom topic feed to curate more content.

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