Manage pending approvals in Planner

ContentStudio allows you to review the content before publishing it. To set any content under review, you need to check the "I'd like to review before it is published" option. 

Sign in to your ContentStudio Account. Locate Publish on the navigation bar and click on it. Click on Planner.

In this article, we'll discuss the following features.

How to manage "Under Review" content

Check the Under review option from the statuses.

Choosing this option, all such posts will appear that need your review, it will be posted only if you approve the posts in this list. If you're a super administrator or administrator and you have not allowed your collaborators to publish content without your review, all such content will show up in the  Under Review list as shown in the image.

How to manage "Missed Review" content

If you miss reviewing any content prior to the time/date of its publishing, your content will not be posted; however, it will go in the "Missed Review" list.

All such content will show up in the separate list, you can easily filter it by status as shown in the below image. 

Note: You will have to Reschedule the "Missed Review" content as per your desired date and approve it prior to the new scheduled date/time.

How to approve all your "Under Review" content

To approve any content in under review list, you need to go to  Planner > Filter by Status > Check Under Review > Edit 

You can also Bulk Approve all your Under Review posts by going to   Planner > Filter by Status > Under review > Roll down all the list > Select all > Bulk action > Approve  

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