How to optimize your search via Query Builder

This feature allows you to fetch custom results by letting you build a query on the runtime. The differentiating factor of our query builder is that you control the results that you see. These queries will help you find relevant and fresh content that is specific to your needs.

Let's see how you can optimize your posts by building a query for curating content for this campaign.

Matching query

Based on your query, there are two ways of narrowing down the content. We provide you with the options to filter out your search result; by matching the query in titles only or by matching the query both in the title and body of the content. You can limit your result according to your own requirement.

Adding topics and keywords

To give a direction to your search result, you can add topics and keywords while building your query. There are a number of possible filters and rules that you can apply to refine your query. All of these filters are discussed below


Each result must contain AT LEAST ANY of these keywords

The statement says that "Each result must contain At least any of these keywords", that means any of the keywords you enter here are bound appear in your content (title only OR title and body; according to your previous selection). 

For example, if you enter two keywords "Social" and "Digital", the search result will contain content having at least one of these keywords in the title/body of the content.


Each Result must ALSO contain ANY of these keywords

This field further constricts your query to bring out the most relevant content for you. This field utilizes the OR boolean operator among the keywords you enter here. 

For example, if you enter two keywords "Media" and "Marketing" here, your search result will contain at least any of these keywords. And these keywords will combine with the previous keyword using the AND boolean operator. Continuing with the same example, the result would be like this

  • Social Media
  • Social Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Same combinations will be made for Digital AND (Media OR Marketing).


Each result must NOT contain any of these keywords

This filter allows you to rule out all such content from your search result that you deem unworthy. You can enter those keywords here that you think cause irrelevancy in your search result.

For example, if you enter the word "Job" here, your query will look something like this.

Query: (Social) AND (Media OR Marketing) NOT (Job) or (Digital) AND (Media OR Marketing) NOT (Job)


EXCLUDE results from these domains

This category allows you to discard the content from a specific domain even if the content fulfills the criteria of the assigned filters. This filter could be used to block weak content sources.  


LIMIT results to these domains only

Using this shortlisting category, you can limit the search radius to a certain domain. You can add your favorite domains here to see the content they push regularly.

Query Builder

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