What are Primary and Secondary Blog Channels

Using ContentStudio, you can publish content on two types of blog channels i.e. Primary and secondary blog channels. These two channels have been introduced to reduce the effect of duplicity while posting content on your blog & social media channels. 

Both of these channel types have been discussed briefly below.

Primary Channel

A primary channel is your main blogging platform. This is where your content gets published for the first time. You have to select only one blog channel to be your primary channel so as to avoid any duplicity issues.

Secondary Channel

Secondary blog channels help you in spreading the blog post you created for your primary channel. You can select multiple secondary channels without having to worry about the duplicate content issue. Our publishing system takes care of the necessary measures to not affect the SEO of your blog sites such as using rel=canonical tags.

As shown in the image, three blog platforms are supported in ContentStudio i.e. WordPress, Tumblr, Medium.

One thing to notice here is that you can add the draft or publish the content directly. You can select the publish status for all three of these platforms.


WordPress provides two options; to save your content as a draft or publish directly. Draft WordPress posts will not be shared on social media channels.


Medium provides both the options provided for WordPress, with an additional third option i.e. Unlisted posts. You can share private posts by sharing them as your unlisted stories and sharing the direct link with the ones you want to give access to.

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