How to find Trending News via ContentStudio

If you are interested in worldwide news regarding politics, sports, business, technology, or weather, this is the place for you. This section specifically focuses on the news and nothing else. This just might be your new favourite newsreader.

Click on 'Trending News' under the 'Topics'  section in 'Discover' on the left bar, as shown below.

The news is sorted according to  'Recent', 'Most Shared', 'Facebook Shares', 'Twitter Shares', 'Pinterest Shares', and 'Reddit Shares'.  Each content piece is also individually analyzed and assigned a trending score and sentiment depending on whether the news is positive, negative, or neutral.

You can share it on social media channels or on a blog by clicking on the share icon underneath each news. Just select the appropriate channels or the blog to which you wish to post. If you want to add any news to your favourites then just click on the 'Heart Icon'. You can also archive it by clicking on the 'File Box Icon'. If you have a getpocket account you can add these articles or news to your account by clicking on the 'Three Dots' and then on 'Add to Pocket'.

There is also an option to view the number of Twitter Influencers for each post. This helps you visualize the popularity of each news. Click on the 'Three Dots' and then on 'View Influencers'. This will display the people/influencers who have tweeted about this news.

You can also add news to your Pocket account or archive it to view it at a later time. Similarly, block a news source that you do not like by clicking on the "more options" icon.

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