Connecting WordPress Blog using XML-RPC

Follow the step below to connect your WordPress Blog using XML-RPC

Before using this method, make sure XML-RPC is enabled on your Wordpress website. Some web hosting companies have disabled XML-RPC by default. 

To confirm if XML-RPC is enabled on your website, you will see a message "XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only." as shown below. 

If you see some other message, contact your host to get your XML-RPC enabled.

For this method to integrate your website, you do not need to install any plugins. But XML-RPC is known to cause connection problems so that is why it's not a preferred way. 

Next, move onto the ContentStudio Platform, click on your profile on the top right corner of your screen and click Blogs/ websites

Click on Add a new Blog/Website. From the drop-down, choose XML-RPC as shown below.

You have to select XML-RPC from the drop-down while choosing a method for content submission.

Following the guide, you can connect your WordPress blog/website successfully.

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