What is the "Next Refill Time" in Automation Campaigns?

When you're done creating your Automation campaigns, you can have the bird's-eye view of your campaign such as the status, name, platform selected, next refill time, and published posts like in the image below.

Furthermore, there are actions like viewing, editing, duplicating or deleting your planned campaign. As shown below.

Let's discuss the field "Next Refill Time" in this article.

Next Refill Time

This field tells you the time when new posts will be scheduled for your campaign. It works the same way for all Automation Recipes. 

For instance, while creating a campaign, you chose to Fetch posts for the next 2 days for your campaign.

When you'll go to your existing campaigns, the "Next Refill Time" will tell you that the next refill time for your campaign would be the next day in this case.

Next Refill Time = "The number of days for which campaign posts are scheduled" - 1 day
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