Pinterest Post Failed to Publish

Are you wondering why some of your pins have been appearing in the "Failed Pins" section of your dashboard? Don't worry, we are here to help!

We will always show you why your post failed to publish so you know what went wrong. We have listed down the reasons for the most common errors that you face while publishing content to Pinterest and start scratching your head why the content did not appear, but with errors such as:

  1. Sorry! We blocked this link because it may lead to spam.
  2. Authentication failed
  3. Sorry! This site doesn't allow you to save Pins.
  4. Sorry! We blocked this link because it may lead to inappropriate content.
  5. Sorry we could not fetch the image.
  6. Sorry! Something went wrong on our end. Please try again
  7. Pinterest denied publishing social message because the limit was reached
  8. Unknown Error Occurred

To solve this issue, we will address them one-by-one so that you do not face this issue anymore.

Authentication Failed or Authorization Connection Problem:

If you are getting the authentication failed message while publishing content to the Pinterest or while connecting your account. To solve this:

Authentication Failed: You may have changed your account login credentials, but have not reconnected the Pinterest account to the ContentStudio and tried publishing content to your social channel. In this case, you will be getting the authentication failed as we will need a new access token to make a request for Pinterest.

Otherwise, the publication will be failed.

Authorization Problem: If you are trying to connect the Pinterest account, but are getting the Authorization error message. This means, that your Pinterest account has a different language.

To solve this, you will have to change the language for the account to the English.

After that try connecting your account and it would work seamlessly.

Link Blocked or Inappropriate Content:

By default, Pinterest has blocked the URL shorteners such as, and others. If you are sharing the content that contains this type of URL, your content will not be shared on a Pinterest and you will be receiving one of the following messages.

  1. Sorry! We blocked this link because it may lead to spam.
  2. Sorry! This site doesn't allow you to save Pins.
  3. Sorry! We blocked this link because it may lead to inappropriate content.
  4. Sorry! Something went wrong on our end. Please try again

To solve this issue, there are two options.

Links without URL Shortener: Share your content to Pinterest without a URL Shortener. This will fix the issue that you faced above. However, if you are still getting the error, it means Pinterest has blocked your website. 

You may need to send an appeal to whitelist your domain for the interest. You can find more information from this link.

Custom Domains: You can use a third-party service such as   Replug for the links tracking. It allows you to add your custom domain for the link shortening and have direct integration with ContentStudio. By doing that, you will have your branded links and can manage their reputation by what type of links you have created.

Other Messages:

If you happen to get messages like:

  1. Sorry we could not fetch the image.
  2. Sorry! Something went wrong on our end. Please try again

The image that you are sharing is not downloadable on the Pinterest side, that's why the post failed to publish. Or, there is some an internal error that was generated on the Pinterest side while performing a post due to which post failed to publish.

These all are the most common errors that can happen while sharing your content to Pinterest. Hopefully, this guide may help you in sharing content to Pinterest.

Still not resolved.. check if:

If you're an avid Pinterest user and have pinned more than 200,000 pins, we will be unable to post on your behalf! 

You can check out their limits here.


Try deleting some pins before you try to schedule more!

Is the URL you’re linking to Spam?

Pinterest will reject posts that:

  • The link redirects from one page to another
  • The website has spammy, misleading or inappropriate content
  • The website was reported as spam or the owner of the site spammed Pinterest
  • The website otherwise violated Pinterest's Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy

If you need more information about what is considered spam for Pinterest, please check out Blocked URLs on Pinterest.

Limit Reached

Error: Pinterest denied publishing social message because limit was reached

Why did I receive this error?

Pinterest has officially reduced its API request limits: Each unique Pinterest profile is allowed to make up to 100 calls per 24 hour period.

Pinterest API request limit has been reduced. Every distinct Pinterest profile can make up to 100 calls per 24 hours. These calls include selecting board, creating messages, sending messages, connecting profiles, authenticating profiles, etc

How can I fix this?

Please reschedule the message for a minimum of 24 hours in the future.

How do I prevent this error from happening in the future?

You will need to wait 24 hours minimum before sending more calls from that specific Pinterest profile. 

Unknown Error:

Error: Awkwaaaard.{errors=[{code=5000, message=Unknown error occurred, id=74844ecc-e891-4f6a-86db-b3b081bfa6d2, resource={type=socialProfile, id=126057268}}]}

In an effort to remove spam from their network, Pinterest does not allow posting of any shortened links. Please read more about it here.

Please remove the shortened link from your Pin in order to solve this issue.

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