Automate your Marketing Campaigns using ContentStudio's Automation Recipes

ContentStudio offers seven Content Automation Recipes which will help you design a social plan and automate your social media campaigns. These recipes cover all aspects of content marketing and let you regulate all your social media as well as blog channels. Connect your social accounts with ContentStudio and start building automated campaigns for all your social platforms. 

Creating automated campaigns will maximize the social presence and brand awareness of your businesses. ContentStudio gives you a huge opportunity to create extraordinary content marketing campaigns. 

All seven Automation Recipes have been explained in the videos below.

Automating Article Links to Social Media Channels

Automating Videos to Social Media Channels

Automating Article Links to Blog Channels

Automating Videos to Blog Channels

Automating RSS feeds to Social Media Channels

Automate Evergreen Posts

Bulk Upload and Schedule Content Via CSV

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