How to Create Workspace

A workspace is where you keep all campaigns, content, and scheduled posts related to a brand in one single place. You can also communicate with and collaborate with all the relevant stakeholders.

Here are some guidelines to help you understand how to create and manage workspaces for different brands, clients, and projects.

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Create a Workspace in ContentStudio


Log in to your ContentStudio account. You can create a workspace by going to the 'All Workspaces' page, as shown in the image below, where you can manage all your workspaces.

Click on "Create a Workspace"


After that, you need to add some particular details about the workspace, which include 'Workspace Name', 'Timezone', 'Super Admin' and a 'Workspace Logo' for your team/brand. You can also get the logo suggestions for your brand. Click on the 'Save' button.

Managing your Workspace (Delete, Settings, Pause/Unpause posting)

If you want to delete your workspace then it's quite simple, you just need to click on the 'Bin Icon' as shown in the below image. Should you want to immediately pause/unpause all posting for a particular workspace then click on the 'Pause/Play Icon' or if you want to edit a workspaces' settings then click on the 'Gear Icon'.

That was all about creating a workspace! 😊

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