How to connect a 2nd account of the same social network

To connect to another account of the same social network you need to log in to that website with the desired account and then initiate a new connection process in ContentStudio.

Here is an example for Facebook:

Step 1: Open the desired Social Network Website & Log in


Go to and Log in to the website with the 2nd account credentials you wish to add to ContentStudio

Step 2: Log in to your ContentStudio Account


Log in to your ContentStudio account to which you wish to add the second account of your social network.

Step 3: Add a new Social Account


Follow the image below to start a new social account connection process (in this case it is Facebook)

Click on Continue as (Your profile name)

Continue to allow full access ensuring there are no issues

Select the page(s) you wish to connect

Your Page should now be visible in the Facebook table

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