How to connect a 2nd account of the same social network

Here is the thing, that you have to keep in your mind:

  • Before hitting the Connect button in ContentStudio to connect another account of the same social network, you are required to log into the 2nd account you want to connect in a new tab.

Let's say, you want to connect the second account of any social network and you are not logged into that account already in a different tab, then the system will reconnect the first one. 

Until you click on the Connect button in ContentStuio make sure you already logged into the second account in the new tab.

So, you must have logged into the 2nd account in a new tab before you hit the " Connect" button in ContentStudio and after that,  stroll through the Connection steps again. It will allow you this time to enter your account's credentials and connect your new account with the ContentStudio.

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