Mobile App Permissions for Smooth Image and Video Posting via ContentStudio App

If you skip allowing permissions to your mobile application, you won't be able to use the camera and storage of your device. This will hinder you to use two things:

  1. Using the camera to create an image or video posts.
  2. Store the captured images or videos in your device. 
Note : Even if your camera permissions are enabled but storage permissions are disabled, your image post will not be able to be published on your selected channel. Because that way, your image is not stored anywhere and the application is unable to locate and fetch it.

To avoid this issue, you need to give permissions to your mobile app. Follow the steps below to allow ContentStudio app to use your mobile device's camera and storage.

  1. Go to your Mobile's Settings and then Apps. 

  2. Find ContentStudio among the apps and open its settings.
  3. In your App Settings, go to Permissions. 

  4. Enable permissions for both the Camera and Storage. 
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