How to Recycle Posts using Evergreen Automation Recipe

Evergreen Content as the name indicates that the content does remain long-lasting. Evergreen content is the quality content it might be a blog post or article that is relevant to your audience after it ages and always helpful for the different readers over time.

To recycle your evergreen content, ContentStudio comes up with the Evergreen Feature which helps you create a couple of social posts, set posting frequency and time interval, and that’s it. The evergreen automation recipe will do the rest for you.

In this article, we are going through three steps to create an automated Evergreen campaign for your social channels.

Let's dive in.

Campaign name and Social Channel

Two Standard Options

Schedule and Finalize the campaign

Step 1 Campaign name and Social Channel

Sign in to your ContentStudio account. After that, you'll see the ContentStudio dashboard, hover over to the right bar and click on the Publish > Automation.

Heading to Automation, you'll see the different automation recipes, find the Evergreen recipe and click on the +New Campaign.

In the step, you have to enter the  Campaign Name and select the Social Channel where you want to share your evergreen content to the readers and get more social engagement towards your post

Step 2 Standard Options

Moving forward, when it comes to composing the Evergreen content, ContentStudio provides you two standard options.

Add post

In this option, Contentstudio allows you to append the URL of the post or article by clicking on the Add post button for recycling the evergreen content on your selected social channels. Make sure you are obligated to select at least two posts to use evergreen automation.


Now, ContetnStudio makes it so handy for the customers to add the content variation multiple of the time whenever they want by clicking on the Add Variation. They can also generate variation automatically from an added URL by tapping on the Auto-generate variation.

If you want to edit or remove the post as per need, then you can view the Edit and Remove button at the left side of the corner while adding the post

Bulk Uploader via CSV

In the second standard option, you have to upload a CSV file. You can download the template CSV file and edit it. This article helps you that how you can  Bulk Uploader via CSV.

Step 3Schedule and Finalize the campaign

In the last step, you have to schedule your evergreen post or campaign at different time intervals on your social media channels.

Custom time slots 

  For scheduling the evergreen campaign you need to add a custom time and set it the way you want based on the clock and calendar like shown in the below image.

Regular Interval

ContentStudio permits you to automate your campaign in a regular manner at your selected time intervals (e.g. after several hours, days, or weeks)

Schedule Options

You are able to schedule the Evergreen campaign in three ways.

  1. You can start a campaign immediately with the option Run this campaign continuously starting today.
  2. You may Set the start and end date and time manually.
  3.  You can Add Cycle Gap with the different time intervals (e.g. after several hours, days, or weeks) between two post cycles.

After selecting the schedule type, click on the Done button.

These are the required steps you need to take for creating the Evergreen Campaign.

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