How to create text variations using Spintax

Note: Spintax is only supported with global content category posts.

You can use the Spintax format to make your captions unique for each post that goes out to multiple destinations. This will help you to prevent posting the same caption on multiple accounts and also prevent them to look like spam.

Spintax, which is abbreviated for Spin Syntax, is a list of text phrases, sentences and synonyms separated by the pipe character (|). Each group of keywords is enclosed inside curly brackets ({}). The Spintax parser picks a random keyword or sentence from the available choices and generates unique sentences for each iteration.

Let's clarify it with an example:

The above text will produce the following variations.

– Very interesting image
– Very interesting photo
– Very interesting picture
– Very beautiful image
– Very beautiful photo
– Very beautiful picture

The more Spintax parts you use on your sentence, the more unique captions it generates.

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