How to upload OPML file in Feeds Section

This article explains how to import OPML files in Feeds to save time. Use the OPML format to upload RSS feed URLs in bulk.  

Navigate to Feeds 

Navigate to the Feeds section by clicking on  Feeds in the top menu bar.


 Select the group that you want to add the OPML file to

Click on Add Sources located on the top right. 

Import OPML File 

Click on "Import OPML" Button and then:

 Click on "Choose OPML File".

This will open up a dialog box from your computer choose the file to upload.

Choose the file from your PC and click on the Import Sources button located on the bottom to upload the file.

Choose the group from the Default Folder on which you want to add the OPML file feeds.

You will receive a notification when the upload is successful and your feeds will appear approximately in 10 minutes in your Feeds sections. 

Override OPML Option

You can also either override the existing OPML folder structure by this option or create a new group in which the feeds will be added. This option is provided for better organizing your feeds.


View Import History 

You can view the Import history of the OPML files by clicking the "View Import History"

View Logs

You can view which of the feeds failed and which of them are added into your feeds by going to the view Logs.

This feature is developed to make it easier for you to manage and consume a large amount of content.

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