How To Assign a Message to a Team Member

In Social Inbox, Assigned are all messages that are assigned to any of the team members currently in the Social Inbox team.   

Similarly, unassigned messages are the messages or conversations that have not been assigned to any team member. It is always recommended to assign messages to appropriate team members so they can take the necessary actions and resolve the ticket.  

This means timely resolution and effective customer care!

How To Assign a Message to a Team Member

In the left top corner of your screen, you will see the conversations head. This section contains a statistical overview of all your conversations. This includes how many conversations have been  unassigned, assigned to you, marked as done, or archived

When you click on Unassigned, you can see all the messages that need to have an action taken against.

In order to assign a conversation to your team member, click on the Assign option on the top left of the message view and select the person to whom you need it to be assigned. 

To view the assigned messages, select Assigned below the Conversations tab

Now, just select your name and it will list all the messages that have been assigned to you. You can manage all the messages and reply at once!

TIP: You can always un-assign a post back to any other team member if it has been wrongly assigned to you by clicking on the yellow icon again and selecting the preferred person.

Here's a gif to make things easier:

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