How to Mark a Message “done” after responding to it in Social Inbox?

If you have some messages/posts/comments you have already responded to, or do not wish to see in your inbox, just mark them as 'Done'. This can also be done when a conversation or ticket has reached the end of its life cycle, e.g. an issue or ticket was resolved. 

This will simplify your conversation history, allow for better management, and allow you to focus on clients that need a response. 

Once an issue has been resolved, click on the green tick located on the top right corner of the conversation. 

Keep in mind that these messages/posts don't get deleted. You can view them anytime by clicking on 'Marked as done' from the Conversation drop-down menu.

You can also move them back into your inbox by clicking on 'Undone'

You can also filter out the messages/posts that were marked complete by a specific user.

Note: This option applies to your Social Inbox on the ContentStudio platform and these changes will not reflect so on your Facebook page.

Here's a gif to make things simpler:

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