Which channels are supported by Social Inbox?

ContentStudio lets you connect Facebook pages, Instagram profiles, Twitter profiles, GMB, and LinkedIn in the Social Inbox. Here's how to add a social account. Just so you know, if you are an old user of ContentStudio and just started using our Social inbox, you may need to re-authenticate your account to start fetching the data in the social inbox module.

Here's what's supported at the moment.

Facebook Page - Direct messages, comments on posts, comments on ads, visitor posts

Instagram Business Profile -  Direct messages, comments on posts, comments on the ad

Twitter Profile - Direct messages, tweets, and @mentions on public tweets

GMB Reviews: You can easily manage all reviews on your Google My Business locations through our Social Inbox module.

All new reviews are fetched and synced with the platform in real-time, which includes updates to the review, such as text or rating changes, and you can reply to them directly through our platform without going to that location.

Using the Inbox module, you can create, edit or delete a comment, and the changes will also reflect on that location.

The only limitation is that you can reply only once to a review.

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Direct messaging for all three platforms except GMB is now supported. Please take a look at these limitations/restriction guidelines for each platform.

LinkedIn- You can now manage your LinkedIn account directly from your inbox.

  • First of all, only posts with comments will be fetched. All new posts and comments are synced with the platform in real time.
  • Linkedin inbox is only available for Pages and organizations, not for the profile.
  • It is only possible to see posts and comments, not conversations.
  • You can reply to posts or comment.
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