How Can I White-Label my Analytics Report?

In this article, we will discuss the much-awaited feature called white-labelling: how it can benefit your brand and how to get your branded reports. 

What is White Labeling?

White labelling is an ideal way of providing additional value to social media services. 

Brands can label and personalize their files; ultimately enhancing the user experience of the company, and make your services look more streamlined to branding!

How to Create White-Labeled Reports? 

It is important to add your Company Name and Company Logo in Report Settings.

1. In the Analytics section, click on Reports Settings located on the bottom left corner of Reports Hub.

2. Add your Brand Name and Company Logo. This brand name and logo will appear in the exported reports.

Recommended size for Logo: JPG, GIF or PNG(100x100). Max size 100KB.

reports settings.png

How does it look like?

After adding your brand name, and the brand logo, you can export the Analytics Report. You will see your brand logo appear on the front page of the report:


The logo of your brand will also appear on the top left corner of the Report.


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