How To Connect Instagram to ContentStudio?

In this article, we will discuss how to connect your Instagram Business account to ContentStudio.

Does ContentStudio have direct posting?

We are excited to announce that ContentStudio finally has direct Instagram Publishing via Zapier! Here's a detailed blog on how the integration works.

Note: You may also still continue to post to Instagram via push notifications. Follow the steps in this document to connect your account and select your preferred posting method. 

How to connect your Instagram account:

To connect the Instagram account to ContentStudio, please go to Social Accounts.

It will redirect you to Facebook; please sign in to your account. (Consequently, all the Instagram Business Accounts connected with your Facebook account will show up here.)
Here's how to set up an Instagram Business Account, if you haven't already!

You will see a pop-up about two methods to connect your Instagram account: Zapier or Push-notifications on Mobile. 

Connecting via Zapier:

If you choose to integrate to Zapier (you may always go for the free Zapier subscription and thus automate up to 100 IG posts per month absolutely free!), you will see two links, as shown below.  

To finish setting up, follow this complete guide to integrating Zapier for direct Instagram publishing or watch this step-by-step video tutorial.

Connecting via Mobile:

However, if you choose the Mobile Option (of push notifications), please watch this step-by-step complete video for further instructions:
Please download the ContentStudio app from iOS or from Android.

After downloading the application on your phone, please sign in to ContentStudio. 

Once you've connected the accounts, follow this method for publishing or watch this video:


If you're still having problems connecting or publishing to your account, please refer to this error document:

or email us!

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