How to connect Pinterest boards/accounts with ContentStudio


We are currently using Zapier to make this integration possible as Pinterest's API approval is pending. So stay tuned

Step 1: Go to social accounts

Go to your social accounts, scroll down to the Pinterest table and click on Connect Pinterest Profile and Boards(Manual) as shown in the image below.

Step 2: Add an Existing Board

Now, you must click on the Add an existing Board to ContentStudio and fill in a Pinterest Account Name according to your preferences. You can also upload a Profile Picture if you wish for this account.

Set up your tabs

To make this process easy, it is suggested to open your desired Pinterest board and this page in adjacent tabs to your ContentStudio. Now you should have your ContentStudio, Pinterest, and page opened in different tabs as shown in the image below.

Step 3: Getting your Board ID and Board Named

Follow the animated images below to get your board ID and board name steps a through d in order.

a) Open your desired board in your Pinterest profile and copy the link.

b) Paste the copied link into the box and click Get Board ID to extract the ID you need. Copy the ID as shown.

c) paste your copied board ID into the ' Board ID box' inside the Add Pinterest popup in your ContentStudio page as shown. Then add your Board Name from the selected board on your Pinterest page as shown.

Step 4: Finalizing

Finally, click on Connect a Profile and Pinterest Boards? to connect both platforms.

Your Pinterest profile/board should be connected as shown in the image below.

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