How to connect Pinterest boards/profiles via Direct API

Now that we have access to Pinterests' direct API, the process to connect your Pinterest profiles and boards is as simple as ever.

Step 1: Go to social accounts

Go to your  social accounts, scroll down to the Pinterest table and click on Connect Pinterest Profile and Boards as shown in the image below.

Step 2: Add your Pinterest Account details


Next, you will get redirected to the Pinterest account Login page. Now, you must add the credentials to the Pinterest account you wish to connect to ContentStudio.

Step 3: Give Access


Click on Give Access to ensure there are no issues with the connectivity between ContentStudio and Pinterest and that ContentStudio has full access to your profile and boards.

Step 4: Select Boards and confirm


Finally, select the Boards you wish to connect to your ContentStudio account and click on Save.

Congratulations, your Pinterest  profile and boards should be connected as shown in the image below. Click here to learn how to post to your Pinterest board(s) via Direct API


Note: You can switch the table to Show Profiles or Show Boards based on your needs by clicking on the appropriate toggle under the Connect a new Pinterest profile/board button.

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