How to connect your Pinterest board/profile with Zapier

Publish content to your Pinterest from ContentStudio now through Zapier. Follow this article to create a zap for your Pinterest board/profile on Zapier.


Using Zapier for publishing content to Pinterest requires any paid account. We are currently working on a direct API connection with Pinterest, Stay tuned

Step 1: Starting a Zap

a) Log in to your Zapier account and click on MAKE A ZAP on the Dashboard.

b) You will be redirected to another page. Here click on the search bar under App Event and write "ContentStudio" to find the ContentStudio app listed in the Zapier Database. Select ContentStudio from the results.

Step 2: Configuring the Zap

a) Now you will begin the process of configuring the zap. In the Choose app & event section, select your Trigger Event as A Pinterest Post Is Ready to Publish. Now click on Continue.

b) Now, in the Choose account section, you need to sign in to your ContentStudio account. After clicking on Sign in to ContentStudio, a pop up will appear. Type in your ContentStudio credentials and click on Yes, Continue.

You should now see that the "Sign in to ContentStudio" changes to "Choose an account...". Your account should show in the drop-down menu, select it and then click on Continue.

c) This is the Setup Trigger section. Select your ContentStudio Workspace with the Pinterest board/profile for the Workspace detail.

Your Platform Type should already be selected for you as Pinterest due to your trigger event in Step 2, part a. For your Social Account, you will be shown a list of Pinterest accounts that have already been added to your ContentStudio profile. Select your desired account then click on Continue.

d) This is the Test Trigger section. Here the connection between your ContentStudio and Zapier accounts is tested. Click on Test Trigger, and then on Skip Test

You will get a message regarding skipping the test. Ignore this message and click on Continue

Step 3: Set the Action in Zapier

Now you will go through a similar process as step 1 and 2 but to set up an Action Event for your Zapier trigger.

a) Select Pinterest in the App Event and then choose the Create a Pin as your Action Event. After that click on Continue.

b) As earlier, you will now be in the Choose account section. Click on Sign in to Pinterest, a pop will show up asking for credentials. Type in the details of the Pinterest account you have connected with your ContentStudio then press the Log In button and after that click on Give access. The pop up will close and the "Sign in to Pinterest" will change to "Choose an account".

Select your Pinterest profile in the drop-down menu and click on Continue to proceed.

c) Here you will have to fill in the details required to set up an action. For your Board, select the Pinterest board you wish to post to. Next, for the Image select Post Image as shown below. For the Link select  Destination Link: Finally as your Title select Post Title: Welcome to Click on Continue for the next step.

d) This is the Test Action section, although similar to Test Trigger, this test is for your Action Event. Click on Test & Continue and a pin will be sent to your Pinterest account as a test.

After you see the Test Successful result Click on Name your zap (highlighted in purple) and write Pinterest. After that click Turn on Zap.

Step 4: Finalizing

To check your newly created Zap, Click on Go to my Zaps.

Your newly created Pinterest Zap should be shown on the right side of the screen as shown below.

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