The Refer & Earn Program Process

ContentStudio provides its  affiliated users with an opportunity to earn with the app. The amount and conditions of the earning are as follows:

  • Affiliated Users will be provided with a link that they must share through their networks. Any customers that clink on that link and sign up for a membership with ContentStudio will be given a share of the membership payment. 

    Condition: Referred Customers must have made a payment for the affiliated user to get paid
  • Affiliated Users will be paid a share of 30% per customer that they have referred via links.

    Condition: The amount varies with the cost of the contract a customer makes with ContentStudio; if a customer uses the link you share with them (you will be provided with a link which will be explained in the guide below) and signs up for the basic Large annual Business & Agency contract, you will earn $860, if it is the basic Medium annual Business & Agency contract you will earn $572. Customers that sign up for monthly contracts will also fall under the same category; For instance, if a referred customer decides to pay monthly, the affiliate user will be paid their share for every payment the referred customer makes.
  • Every 10 customers referred will reward the affiliated user with $100.

    Condition: This reward is a separate payment from the share the affiliated user will be paid. 


Step 1: Opening Refer & Earn Dashboard


Open the settings and click on the Refer & Earn as shown in the gif below

You will see the page below asking you whether you wish to get affiliated. Click on Become an affiliate

Now you will be able to see your Refer & Earn program dashboard that displays all the information and statistics of your progress.

Step 2: Locating the Link and Sharing


Scroll down the page until you come by the Share on social media section. Click on Copy to copy the link highlighted in the image below

Now you can share this link throughout your networks, anyone who clicks on this link and signs up gets you 30% of the payment.

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