Getting started with Facebook Competitors' Analytics

Use Competitor Analytics to benchmark your Facebook page against competitors, follow our guide to add them and get started.

This article contains the following sections:

  1. How to Add a Competitor
  2. Manage Competitors

How to Add a Competitor


Go to Dashboard, and click Analyze at the top or the View Analytics tab.


In the left panel click on Facebook under Competitor Analytics.


This is the competitor analytics dashboard. Click on  Create New for adding new competitor's list.


Add a  title for your competitor list, then enter your competitor's page name

A list of matching results will show up based on the keywords you have written for the competitor's page. Click on the desired page to add them.


The competitors you've added will display as a list below the input field. To remove any competitor, simply click the cross button. Click Continue to create the list.

Clicking Continue will successfully add the competitor list, which will appear on the dashboard along with the created date & time.

Manage Competitors

➡️ Easily manage your competitors by editing or removing them whenever necessary. To update a competitor list, hover over it and click the pencil icon. To remove a list entirely, click the trash icon.

 That is it. Your Facebook Competitor Analytics is ready for use 😎

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