Getting started with Facebook Competitors' Analytics

With the Competitor Analytics tool, you can actively benchmark your Facebook page's performance against competitors. However, to begin you need to add your competitors to the page, so follow this guide to get started.

Open the Competitor Analytics tool. To navigate there, select Analyze->Facebook->Competitors Report. Follow the animated image below for further clarification


If you don't have any Facebook pages connected to the Workspace you are working on you will be greeted with this page upon opening Competitor Analytics. To add a Facebook page, follow this guide.

Under 'Add a Competitor' you should be able to see your page (or one of your pages) selected for you. You can change the page you wish to use by clicking on the Down arrow next to it and selecting a preferred one. After that, select a competitor(s) by typing their page name* in the 'Enter competitor's name here...' search bar. Once done click on Overview to proceed.

*A list of matching results will show up based on the keywords you have written. Click on the desired page to add them.  (You cannot add more than 5 competitor pages for viewing)

Once your competitors' pages have been added you will be redirected to the Competitor Analytics Dashboard. Here you can adjust how many competitor pages you wish to view simultaneously by clicking on the names of the competitors as shown in the image below 

And set the  time span of the results you wish to display

That is it. Your Competitor Analytics is ready for use. To learn more about this feature, Click here.

How to change pages from the Competitor Analytics Dashboard

If you want to add another page or remove the existing one for a different competitor page, simply click on the 'Gear Icon" located next to 'Competitor Analytics'. A pop-up will show where you can add or remove the pages to compare.

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