How to perform Bulk Action in Media Library

Now Media Library lets you perform a bulk action; with this, you can either Unselect all or remove all of the selected media assets.

To learn your way around it follow the steps and information below.

Step 1: Navigate to Media Library

Step 2: Select the Folder with the media assets you want to perform bulk action on (as shown in the image below)

Step 3: Select at least 2 images to enable bulk action

Step 4: Bulk Action

A. Select all the media assets as shown in the image below:

Note: We at a time load 40 media assets, clicking on the button will select all 40 visible items. Now the button text would change and ask you to select all media assets that are not visible at the moment as well. Like in the screenshot above you already have 40 assets selected but clicking on the "Select All 80 items" would select all the media assets in the folder.

Now you have the option to either clear the selection or perform the bulk action.

B. Perform Bulk Action

From bulk action, you can either clear selection or Remove all of the selected media assets.

Step 5: Bulk Remove Selected Assets as shown in the image below

A confirmation box would appear asking you to either Archive the media asset or Delete them Permanently.

Select your preference

After successfully performing the action, the folder would be empty.

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