How to Archive Assets in Media Library

With the help of the Media Library Archive Assets feature, now you can preserve the assets of your organization, with the explicit intention that they are useful for some defined uses in the future.


  • Media assets that are archived will still be retained in storage but will not be available in any folder other than the Archived folder.
  • Archived media assets will not cause the scheduled post to fail because they are kept in storage, unlike the Permanently deleted media asset.
  • Archived media assets will also cost the user in media storage limit.

Here are some guidelines to help you understand how you can Archive assets in Media Library. :

Step 1: Navigate to Media Library.

Step 2: Select the Folder with the media assets you want to archive.

Step 3: Click on the delete button

Step 4: Click on the archive button.

Step 5: Media asset will be moved to the Archived folder

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