How to add Media Assets from Dropbox

Content Studio is constantly working on adding new features and this time we've introduced Dropbox Integration for our valuable customers. Now you can use Dropbox in the Media Library to share files and folders with other people without sending large attachments.

The steps below will guide you to integrate your Dropbox account successfully with ContentStudio.

Step 1: Navigate to Media Library.

Step 2: Click on the "Upload Now" button, select "Dropbox" and Click on the "Upload from Dropbox" button.

Note: If you are not already signed in, please sign in to your Dropbox account in the iframe.

Step 3: From the Dropbox iframe, select Media Assets you would like to add to Media Library and click on "Choose"

Step 4: Select folder path and upload to Media Library.

Step 5: Media assets from Dropbox will be available in Media Library now.

You are all set to use your dropbox media assets within the Media Library!

Here's a gif to make it easy for you:

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