How to Add Media from Google Drive

Content Studio embraces you with a google drive capability to manage your Media assets. It is one of the best solutions for an organization to manage its content. Through this, you can upload your files online and can access them within the Media Library. It provides the easiest way to store, sync, and share your files safely, solving the fundamental challenges of collaboration. Thus you can improve teamwork, efficiency, and productivity.

Follow these steps to add Media from Google Drive:

Step 1: Navigate to Media Library.

Step 2: Click on the "Upload Now" button, select the "Google" tab and click on the "Upload from Drive" button.

Step 3: From the Google Drive iframe, select the account you would like to import the media assets from.

Step 4: After this, Content Studio wants access to your google account; select your preferences.

Step 5: Select Media Assets that you want to upload.

Step 6: After you selected the Media Assets that you want to upload, click on the upload button.

Media assets from Google Drive will be available in Media Library now.

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