The Content Studio 2FA authentication process

From a security point of view, there is a big concern that the service does not have any multi-factor authentication when signing on to the web portal. To address this security concern, we have added two-factor authentication to Content Studio as an extra layer of security.

Steps to enable 2FA Authentication

1- Login to your Content Studio account

2- Go to account settings and click on your profile.

3- Here, you can see two-factor authentication below the security option.

4- Enter your password to enable two-factor authentication.

5- After that, you need to perform a few steps to enable two-factor authentication properly.

a- Install the google authenticator app for Apple or Android devices.

b- Scan the QR code into your google authenticator app.

c- You will receive a code in the authenticator app; enter that code in the input field. Your two-factor authentication is enabled now.

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