How to add First Comment in Automation

The  first comment can now be added automatically with bulk uploader automation.  Previously, you had to edit each post to add the first comment.

The first comment feature is available for all Facebook pages and groups, Instagram posts via Push Notification, and LinkedIn profiles and pages.

The CSV file now has an additional column for 'First Comment', making the format as:

Date and Time, Message, Image URL, Link, First Comment

Step 1

Navigate to Automation, then click Bulk uploader. Select the New upload option.

Step 2

Using the CSV file template, fill in the required information, click on upload, and then click on the next button.

Step 3

Select channels, either select the content category or social accounts from the given options.

Step 4

Select your scheduling options and click the next button.

Step 5

Your posts will be finalized in a few seconds, depending on the number of posts.

Step 6

Your posts are now ready to be approved.

Step 7 

You can edit any post and check the first comment on it.

Step 8

Choose your posts, select bulk action, then click the approve selected button.

Step 9

You are all done; now you can see your posts in the planner.

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