How to generate social media captions with AI

With this new feature, you can generate AI-optimized content for your posts using our Generate Caption feature. You will no longer need to spend time creating the perfect content; our AI will create it for you.


  • AI text credits are based on the number of words.

  • Caption Generation credits will reset at the start of every month based on your account membership. For example, Business & Agency medium is given 10000 Caption Generation credits. If you use 2000 credits in one month, you will have 7000 credits remaining. 
  • Clicking on the Generate AI button uses up one credit.
  • Clicking on Re-Generate Caption uses up to 1 credit each time it is clicked; hence it is counted as using one token.
  • Caption Generation credits are shared among all team members and across all workspaces.

   Subscription                                                                                                                        AI credits

1- Starter                                                                                                                               10000
2- Pro                                                                                                                                     20000
3- Agency small                                                                                                                     10000
4- Agency medium                                                                                                                 20000
5- Agency large                                                                                                                      150000

How add-on purchases for AI words will be charged:

  • Between 0 to 99K words - 0.75$ per 1000 words
  • Between 100K to 1M - 0.5$ per 1000 words
  • For orders 1M+ - 0.3 per 1000 words

Follow the below steps to use the AI feature:

Step 1: Start this by going from the Dashboard to Publish-> Composer-> Social Media Post. Click on generate AI text.

Step 2: You can either select a predefined prompt or describe your idea below.

Step 3: Describe the topic for which you need the content, and it automatically adjusts its approximate words. For example, if you have chosen the social media post caption, it will adjust to 25 words, as shown in the image.

Step 4: Select voice tone from the dropdown; you can also generate hashtags, emojis and select the number of variations for the text.

Step 5: Once you've put in all the information, click on generate button. And it will give you the relevant results. You can also use the Re-Generate Caption button to change the caption.

Step 6: Choose your favorite caption. You can choose either copy your text or click the add to the editor button.

Step 7: Add to the editor will return you to the composer. Choose posting schedule options and click on a post now. That's it.

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