How to Analyze Your Audience Demographics


  • Meta has deprecated Facebook Audience by Age and Gender data. If your account was connected before 14 March 2024, you can access insights.

The Demographics 📊 tab within your analytics dashboard displays information on your audience demographics, such as age, gender, and location, helping you tailor content to your key audience.

💡 Keep in Mind

  • Audience demographics will be shown to you if your Facebook page has more than 100 Fans, otherwise no data will be shown.
  • Audience Demographics data starts accumulating from the day you connect your Facebook page. as page-level data from past periods is unavailable due to Facebook API restrictions.
  • Audience demographics for LinkedIn are not yet available, so the Audience tab only shows data for Facebook and Instagram.

This article contains the following sections:
  1. Accessing Audience Demographics
  2. Overview of Audience Demographics

Accessing Audience Demographics:

Step 1: Navigate to Analyze from the dashboard.

Step 2: Choose any Social Network from the left panel, for example, I have chosen Facebook.

Step 3: Select the Demographics tab.

  • If you have multiple social accounts from one network (e.g. multiple Facebook pages), you can select any of them from dropdown at the top.
  • Select a date range to analyze, default is past 30 days. Predefined ranges are also available for quick selection.

Overview of Audience Demographics: 

The demographics tab shows your top audience by gender and age, as well as your top location.

Audience by Age

Audience by Age shows you the breakdown of your fans by their age in the selected period. You can see loading bars representing a different age range, and showing how many fans belong to that range. Total count of fans in each range is also written in front of the range numbers.

Audience by Gender

Audience by Gendershows you the breakdown of your fans by their gender in the selected time period. You can see a pie chart comprising of 3 colored segments:

  • Purple - Representing the Male Count
  • Green - Representing the Female Count
  • Yellow - Representing the Unspecified Count

Hover your mouse over a segment of the pie chart to see the percentage of each gender. The total count of each gender is displayed below the chart. To focus on a specific gender, click on the others below the chart to hide their segments.

Below both sections, you will see the Leading force among your fans, based on the highest values of gender and age.

Audience by Top Countries & Cities

  • Audience Top Countries section shows you Top 10 countries where your fans are located, with the total number of fans from each country listed separately.
  • Audience Top Cities section shows you the Top 10 cities where your fans are located, with the total number of fans from each city listed separately.
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