Inbox Integration on Mobile App (iOS)

We've launched the Social Inbox feature on our ContentStudio iOS app, bringing seamless conversation management to your mobile device. Now, you can engage with your audience across Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook anytime, anywhere. Revolutionize your social media management experience today!

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How to get started

  1. Download the iOS app.
  2. Open the app. Tap the side menu and go to the Inbox.

You will see the list of your chats.

Using a sorting button, you can sort the data alphabetically.

Understanding the Chat Status

Above the inbox chat, you can see the list of tabs that include:

  • Unassigned: Conversations/posts awaiting assignment.
  • Mine: Conversations/posts assigned to you.
  • Assigned: Conversations/posts assigned to specific team members.
  • Marked as done: Completed conversations/posts.
  • Archived: Archived conversations.
  • All: View all conversations regardless of status.

Conversation vs Post

  • You can view 2 types of chats in the inbox:
    1. Conversations: ContentStudio centralizes messages from your page, enabling seamless responses without logging into each platform individually.
    2. Posts: This includes comments and replies from social media platforms on a particular post.

How would I know if I got a new message?

  • A new message will be indicated by a blue dot.
  • Once you open the message, you can see all the conversation.
  • You can also add a note to the conversation by tapping the + icon in the screen's bottom left corner to save important information. The note will not be sent or visible to the receiver.

  • By opening a conversation, you can
    • Assign it to a team member. (as shown below)

  • By opening a post, you can:
    • Add a new comment to the post, reply to a specific comment, and delete a comment. All actions performed here will also be reflected in the social media post.
    • Assign it to a team member. (as shown above)
    • Mark As Done: Tap on Mark as done, and the chat will be moved to Mark as done status.
    • Archive: Tap on the Archive, and the chat will be moved to Archive status.
    • View on Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn: View on Platform will open the post in its respective app.


Click the red icon in the top right corner to filter your inbox based on your accounts. It will show all your connected accounts, and you can select the accounts you need by clicking on them. You can also filter the chat by tags to streamline your view.

Sync Chats

A synchronization button is designed to sync your social media messages to this platform seamlessly.


  1. Can I manage both conversations and post comments/replies within the app?
  • Yes, you can! Conversations are centralized messages from your page, and posts include comments and replies from social media platforms.
  1. I manage multiple accounts. Can I filter my inbox accordingly?
  • Absolutely! The Filter feature lets you sort your inbox based on your connected accounts. You can also filter by tags to focus on specific topics or campaigns.
  1. Is it important to sync my social media messages to the ContentStudio platform?
  • Syncing your chats ensures you have a comprehensive view of all conversations in one place, making it easier to manage your social interactions efficiently, especially on the go.
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