How to connect Replug account

If you want to add a Call To Action to the content you share from ContentStudio, you will have to connect your Replug account. Follow these steps to connect your Replug account with ContentStudio.

Step 1Go to Integrations

Starting off, go to the right top corner and click on  Settings > Other Integrations.

Step 2 Replug Integration

Going forward, you need to locate Replug in the integration section and click on  Connect, as shown in the below image,

Step 3 Authorize your account

After clicking on the connect button, you will go through the authorization process, you need to click Authorize. 

You need to make sure you authorize everything, to be able to successfully connect your account.

Step 4 Select your default brand

Once done with the authorization process, all the brands and campaigns that you have in your will be shown in the drop-down, where you need to select a default brand and campaign, as demonstrated in the below image. 

Once you click on  Save, your will successfully be connected. 

Step 5Verify your connection

In the last step, please make sure your account is successfully connected and shows a green signal. 

Following all the above steps, you can successfully connect your account with the ContentStudio platform.

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