Team member Roles and Permissions

As you guys know, team members play a major role in handling and managing social media marketing activities on different social media channels. The Super Administration can define the role of the team members and assign tasks that they need to perform within the platform. Also, each member can be grouped into either the clients' team or your own.

In ContentStudio, there are three roles of team members.

Let's talk about them in more detail.


An administrator is the one who can perform certain actions. The Super administrator (owner of the workspace) gives the maximum authority to the Administrator over the platform. It includes managing members, adding/ removing members; handling social accounts, blogs, creating workspaces, and other activities.

In the image below, you can view the actions which an Administrator can perform on the Platform.


A collaborator is another entity in the company who performs the actions that are granted by an administrator. They have limited access when compared to other team members.

The administrators mark the activities a collaborator can perform based on their responsibilities.

Below is a breakdown table that shows the team members' roles and their accessibility within the Platform. If allowed by the Super Administrator (Owner).

Role Owner Administrator Collaborator
Plan Page Access
Can Create Workspace(s)
Can Add Team Members  
Can View Team Members
Spinner Access 
Can change URL Shortener 
Pocket Settings Allowed
Can Edit Social Accounts 
Can View Social Accounts 
Can Add Social Accounts/Blogs 
Can Add Sources 


This permission grants users only approval privileges.

An Approver can:

  • Review and approve posts as part of an Approval Workflow
  • Cannot start the Approval process

The following settings and privileges are shown for the Approver.

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