Notification Panel in ContentStudio

Notifications are represented in the ContentStudio app with a 'bell-shaped' button in the top right corner. When you have new notifications, the digit over the bell turns red and displays the number of unread notifications

ContentStudio shows you  four types of notifications.

All Notification

These are all of the Publishing, Team, & Inbox notifications shown together.

Click on the notifications button to view your notifications and select All

Clicking on a notification will redirect you to the  relevant feature. For example, clicking on a post published notification will redirect you to the Planner, and clicking on a message notification will redirect you to the Social Inbox.

Publishing Notification

These notifications represent any post related occurrences (post published, failed, scheduled, etc). To view these notifications just click on the bell icon and then click on the Publishing tab

Team Notification

These are the notification from the team members for example if they tag you, assign you a task, approve your work, mention you in a comment, or join your workspace.

To view these types of notifications. Click the bell icon and go to Team.

As you click on a notification, you will be redirected to the relevant team activity.

Inbox Notification

Here, all notifications related to the Social Inbox will be displayed. Clicking on any task will redirect you to the relevant conversation.

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