How to connect your Google My Business profile

Google My Business is one of the most reliable mainstays for marketers to manage an online presence of their business. Google My Business is the best way to win the trust of your audience by bringing out your information to create a personalized relationship with them. This way, you'll be able to drive more potential customers toward your business. 

Connect Google My Business


The first step is to log in to your ContentStudio account and go to the Settings, click on the Social accounts from the drop-down menu.


Going ahead, find Google My Business and click on the Connect a new GMB profile button at the right corner.


In the Next step, you need to select the account which you want to connect with ContentStudio and after that, a prompt will appear which will ask you for the authorization to access your GMB listing. 

Click on Allow and proceed further.


Moving forward, you are required to select the GMB location while connecting your GBM account with ContentStudio and Click on Save button to connect your Business location with ContentStudio.

Here, you can see that your GMB account has been connected with ContentStudio.

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