Reauthorize ContentStudio Application in Business Integrations

If you'd like to reauthorize your ContentStudio application and make sure you have given all the permissions, you need to follow the below step-by-step guidelines:

Navigate to Facebook:

Login to your Facebook account and then navigate to Settings and then Business Integrations, or you can click on this link .

Search for the ContentStudio application in the Business Integrations. Once you find the application, select the application and click on the Remove button. 

Leave the Checkbox Unticked:

Upon clicking the remove button, you will see the popup, make sure you unticked the checkbox  unticked and then click  Remove.
That's it. Now, you can navigate to ContentStudio and reconnect your account from there and make sure you allow all of the permissions while connecting your account. Once you do that, your planned/scheduled posts will go seamlessly to your social channels.

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