How to publish on Pinterest via Zapier


We are currently using Zapier(paid to make this integration possible as Pinterest's API approval is pending. Stay tuned!
Please follow these criteria's when publishing to Pinterest:

Specifications/Requirements of Integration

- You can post, and schedule single image Pins directly from ContentStudio with the help of Zapier.

- Multiple images and videos aren’t supported just yet.

- You can only upload Pin titles and links. Pin descriptions aren’t included.

- You will not be able to view Analytics.

A paid Zapier account is required.

You can now publish your content on Pinterest using Zapier, follow this guide to see how. If you haven't connected your boards or profiles with zapier yet, click here. If you have not connected your Pinterest profile or board with ContentStudio, then click here.

Step 1: Start a Social Media Post

From your Dashboard, go to Publish, then Compose. Click on Social Media Post.

Step 2: Compose your post

Now, select the Pinterest account you wish to post to and Select a Content Category if needed (GREEN). Compose your text if any, upload an image: if the image is taken from another web page copy the URL for it in the Source URL for Pinterest box (RED). Select an option in When to publish this? as per your needs. Additionally, you can make this post repetitive if you need to by selecting the appropriate choice in Would you like to repeat this post?. Check the box if this post Needs Approval, then click on the Post Now button to proceed (BLUE)

Step 3: Checking your post

As soon as you click on Post Now you will be redirected to the main Composer page where your post will be shown with the STATUS of Under Processing. The full publishing process takes 5-10 minutes to complete if there are no issues.

Your post should show Scheduled [Pending execution from Zapier] in its status as shown in the image below. Once Zapier picks up your post it will show as Published(Zapier) in the status. This means that zapier has received your post successfully from ContentStudio, it will proceed to post it to Pinterest from there.


In case there is an issue with the post, it will show under the STATUS. For example, here the status of this post shows Failed [Pinterest account is not linked to zapier]-as shown in the image below- which indicates that there is a connection issue between Zapier and your ContentStudio profile.

After a successful post, you can go to your Zapier account and check your zap runs in Zap history->Zap runs. It should show Success sooner or later.

As you can see Zapier has successfully posted to your Pinterest board/account

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