Why is my Instagram profile/Facebook Group/ Facebook page missing after connection?

There are multiple causes for this concern that are listed below.


  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram


Possible issues causing the error:

  1. The page or group you are adding have not given you admin rights/ you are not the administrator of the page or group you wish to add.
  2. ContentStudio was not allowed all permissions during the main connection process
  3. You have not given ContentStudio the necessary permissions to the group or page you have selected to add
  4. You are not logged in to the correct Facebook profile that has administrator privileges to the page or group on the Facebook website.

Solutions to the issues listed above:

  • Problem number 1,2: Contact the admin or the owner of the group to give you admin privileges. If you are the owner then go to Facebook.com and make sure the correct profile is logged in, or during the connection when you are asked to log in to Facebook using your credentials, make sure the credentials are of the owner or admin of the profile/page you wish to connect.
  • Problem number 3,4:

    a) Go to Facebook.com and log in with the correct credentials. After that go to Settings and Privacy->Settings->Business Integrations
      Click on "View and edit" next to ContentStudio as shown below

    A pop-up will appear showing all the permission for ContentStudio. Scroll through this and make sure all options are "checked" and/or toggled "on".

    b) If the problem persists then you need to reauthorize your Social Account: 

    - Remove ContentStudio from your Facebook profile; follow steps in (a) up until you open Business Integrations. There, check the ContentStudio checkbox (RED) and click on Remove (GREEN).
    Make sure the "Delete posts..." (PINK) is unchecked. After that click on "Remove"
    - Now remove your account from ContentStudio by following the instructions in the image below.
    Finally, reconnect fresh with your Facebook account using this guide.


Possible issues causing the error:

  1. Your Instagram is not a business account (ContentStudio only connects with an Instagram Business profile)
  2. Your Instagram Business profile is not connected to your Facebook page.

Solutions to the issues listed above:

  • Problem 1:  Follow this article to know how you can change your Instagram profile into a business account.
  • Problem 2: Follow this guide to connect your Instagram Business profile to your Facebook page. If your Instagram profile is not a business one following this procedure should prompt you to proceed with a procedure to convert your Instagram account to a business one.
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