Getting started with your account as an Approver

If you are a client and have been sent an invitation to be an Approver for your team you can read through this guide to learn what options you have and how to get around the app.

Here is the Content List. If you have a specific concern, simply click on the text and you will jump to the relevant step. If you wish to proceed from the start, then start at 1.

  1. Email and In-app notification
  2. Approve/Reject posts and add comments
  3. Change Workspaces
  4. Interface Views: Feed View, List View/View Content, & Calendar View
  5. Filters

1: Email and In-app notification


Email Notification

When you are assigned a post to approve, you will receive an email that will redirect you to the relevant post in the Feed view.

In-app notification

To check on your notifications for any tasks, pending approvals, or work being done within the workspace, click on the 'Bell' icon for a notification drop-down. Clicking on a task will redirect you to the space the process is taking place in.

2: Approve/Reject posts and add comments


If you are an approver, you are tasked with giving the green signal to posts for publishing. Whether you are notified via email or in-app notifications, you will be redirected to the feed view page shown below.

Let's elaborate on the options you have here

  • Approve: This option allows the post to get published, or scheduled to publish (further explanation ahead)
  • Reject: This option rejects the post, preventing it from being published (further explanation below)
  • Comment: Add a comment for any participants to view or implement on
  • Approval Status: View the current status of the post, if it is published, scheduled, or awaiting approval

Approve/Reject post

Here, we have provided examples of approving or rejecting a post

To Approve

To approve a post, you can simply click on Approve, after which it will automatically schedule it to get published. If you wish to leave a comment with it, then you have an option to do so with your selection. Just click on the down arrow next to Approve and click on Approve with comment. Check the gif below for a visual representation

To Reject

To reject a post, you can simply click on  Reject that will cancel the post and notify the creator immediately. If you wish to leave a comment with it, then you have an option to do so with your selection. Just click on the down arrow next to Reject and click on Reject with comment. Check the gif below for a visual representation

3: Change Workspaces



If you are working on multiple brands or workspaces, you can navigate between them by clicking on the top-left ContentStudio logo and then selecting the desired workspace. Watch the gif below for a visual example.

4: Interface Views: Feed View, List View/View Content, & Calendar View


Feed View

The Feed View displays all content of the workspace that was created in an interactive-visual manner, showing the mediacontent and status of the post in a preview manner. Here you can Comment, Approve, Reject, and check the Status of the post based on its publication status (Approved, Published, Rejected, Scheduled, etc).

List View/View Content

To view all created posts in a listed and informative manner, click on either the List View tab or on View Content located next to the notification 'Bell' icon.

Calendar View

To have a birds-eye view of all the projects scheduled for the week or month, click on the Calendar View tab.

Step 5: Filters


Within the Interface, you have a set of Filters to help you easily locate posts based on Channels, Sort & Date range, and Post Filters. Read below to learn how each filter works.

Select Channel

To select which Channels content is displayed, simply click on the account selection drop-down, and check the accounts you wish to display. Follow the instructions in the image below.;

Sort content & select Date range

Organise your work by sorting your content based on how New or Old the posts are. 

You can also select a range of Date, the app will then restrict itself to only display the posts that were made within the selected range of Dates.

Select Post Filter

You can filter your content based on its purpose. Just click on Filter on the right side and check the filters that suit your needs. 

Should you wish to quickly select a single filter, once you hover over your selection an Only button should appear. Clicking on it will remove all the other filters in the filter type, keeping only itself active. Check the GIF below for a visual example.

The following list defines the meaning of filters:


  • Scheduled: Any posts that are scheduled to be published at a specified time 
  • Published: Any posts that have been published
  • Failed: Posts that have failed to get published
  • Rejected: Posts that were rejected from publication
  • Under Review: Posts that have been assigned to get reviewed
  • Missed Review: Posts that have not been reviewed at the specified time span (the time the post had been scheduled to get posted)
  • Draft: Posts that have been drafted for revision

2) Assigned to: The member of the group a post has been assigned to for review, approval, etc.

3) Created By: The team member who created the post

4) Labels: Labels that have been used on posts for quick filtering. Select the filter to isolate posts that have been labelled with the selection

5) Content Categories: Posts that have been published via a Content Category

And that is it. You should now be able to flexibly navigate through the ContentStudio app as an Approver.

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