How to use the Generate Caption feature

You can generate AI optimized captions for your posts using our Generate Caption feature. With this feature, you will no longer need to spend time creating the perfect caption, our AI will create it for you.


The Generate Caption uses credits. Each credit is used upon the following circumstances

  • Clicking on the Generate Caption button uses up 1 credit
  • Clicking on Re-Generate Caption uses up to 1 credit for each time it is clicked. Clicking on the Re-Generate caption recreates a new caption, hence it is counted as using 1 token.
  • Caption Generation credits are shared among team members who have permission to use them and are shared across all workspaces. For example, You have 200 credits and multiple workspaces:

    - Workspace A uses Caption Generation 2 times
    - Workspace B uses Caption Generation 1 time

    Total credits used will be 2 + 1 = 3. Thus, 3 credits will be used leaving you with 200-3 = 197 credits remaining.

The Terms & Conditions of the Caption Generation credits

  • A set amount of complimentary Caption Generation credits will be given to account holders.
  • Caption Generation credits will reset at the start of every month based on the membership of your account. For example, a Medium account (199/mo) is given 250 Caption Generation credits. If you use 30 credits in one month, you will have 220 credits remaining. When the month starts, your Caption Generation credits will reset from 220 to 250.
  • You can increase your monthly limit with payment as shown in section 3. For example, if your complimentary caption generation limit of 100, and you purchase another 100 credits, your monthly complimentary caption generation limit will increase to 200, 

The following are restrictions/limitations to the Generate Caption feature:

  • ContentStudio can only generate captions for article links
  • The caption generation feature is limited to social posts only (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, GMB, Tumblr, Youtube, Pinterest)

1: How to start the Generate Caption feature


You can use the Generate Caption feature anywhere a composer pops up. Below are 2 examples of using this feature from different composers:

  • Social Media Post composer

You can start this by going from the Dashboard to Publish-> Composer-> Social Media Post. In the text editor section, paste any link or use our assistant to find articles for your post and just drag and drop your selection into the text editor box. Doing that will show a Generate Caption button in the text editor. Check the image below for a visual representation of this process

  • Discovery Composer

You can use the caption generation feature from the discovery composer by clicking on the "share icon" on any article in Discovery. There is no need to add any links here as the article is already selected.

2: Generate Caption


The Generate Caption feature brings up 3 options for you to select from. These options allow you to variate between the type of caption you would like:

  • Paragraph Type: This option generates a caption in the form of a short, summarized paragraph. ContentStudios' AI uses various articles related to your selection to learn the key points of your article. Thus, the caption it makes lightly touches those points so that the content is not spoiled for readers.
  • Listicle Type: This option creates a caption in the form of a summarized list. The AI uses its information to compile a short, inviting list of points of your article for readers.
  • Tweet Type: If you need a caption fit for tweets, this option will generate a few short tweets of your article, you can simply scroll through them and select your choice. The AI will also add some hashtags into the caption.
  • Re-Generate Caption: You can click on this button to recreate a different caption for your post, it will use up one Generate Caption credit (click here)
  • Copy: Copy the caption to your clipboard. You can then simply paste anywhere you want to use the generated caption.
  • +Add to Editor: Click on this to directly add your generated caption to the text editor and proceed to compose your post.

3: Generate Caption Credits


You can view and manage your Generate Caption credits by going to Settings-> Billing & Plan

Here, on the right side of the interface, you can see your Caption Generation Credits. Clicking on the Increase Limits button will open the Upgrade Limits popup menu where you can increase the limits of any upgradeable feature of your ContentStudio account. There, you can also increase or add more Caption Generation Credits for your ContentStudio account.

This is the Upgrade Limit popup. The cost per 100 credits is $5 USD. Should you reach your limit, you can top up more credits from here at any time.

That is all. If you would like to check out more on our Composer then click here.
If you would like to learn more about our Discovery feature then click here.

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